What about the physical AND mental aspects of dance?

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Dance is not just about learning moves and routines – there is soooooooo much more to it.

As a customer of my own business, dance to me is an escapism.  It’s “me” time!  It’s time away from work, the phones, demands from my children and it makes me feel like I am 10 again!

I leave the house as Mrs Angry Grumpy Pants and come back a different person. For me, dance gets me active, feeling great, meeting new people, and gets my brain working. Remembering the routine from the previous week gets easier every time I go.

As I get older, I feel that dance is great for my mind and my body – I think I walk far more gracefully – don’t laugh, for those that know me ;), but dance gives me sanctuary. It’s what I do, even though I am not amazing at it. I feel at ease at our classes, in a safe, friendly and warm environment -bonding with others and having a laugh.

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