A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

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How often do you use images in your communications?

On your facebook posts?

With your tweets?

In your emails?

In your newsletters?

In your emails?

And even in your email signature?


Articles with images get more views – fact!

Communications with images aid the reader in understanding what the article is about.

Images are often the first thing people look at when receiving your communication.

Images help portray the personality of your business.

Images break up text.

Humans are drawn to images

Who wants to read a boring paragraph of pure text?

There are many free resources to help us to add images to our communications – such as:



your iphone (take your own photos)

Or why not have a shoot done – check out the fab shots we had done with some of the Popdance Team for Comic Relief

Comic Relief does Popdance


Get creative

Get your personality over

Get your photo on your email signature – people buy from people – check out ours here – FREE to set up with wisestamp

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Shake It!  Shake It!  Shake it like a Polaroid picture ;)