Amanda Knight Popdance Fit WokinghamPopdance Fit and it’s benefits by Amanda Knight – Popdance Area Manager, Wokingham




So after being set the challenge of writing my first Blog post by Sue at Popdance HO, I thought I would start by asking my Popdance Fit ladies if they would mind writing a couple of lines about why they have all chosen to sign up for Popdance Fit for the term as this was also the first time I have only offered a termly price rather than Pay as You Go and all of my regulars signed up, yay!



These are the comments I received:


“The only way I enjoy exercising because I have a smile on my face all lesson”


“It’s the only class I’ve been to where I don’t clock-watch and even if my muscles are on fire and I want to lie down; I have to keep going because I LOVE that song!”


“Much more fun than a gym. Love the music and dance moves and gets me out of the house!”


“I enjoy Popdance as I like the dance routines to cheesy pop music. I get to destress and escape my children (as lovely as they are!) Great fun class!”


“Connecting with people and music. Enjoying movement. Music, movement, mixing ……..Mandy!”


“It’s a good fun workout, I love the music and the care Mandy takes”


“Great music, great instructor, takes me out of my comfort zone!”


“Best class I’ve been to in years. Mandy is really great and I feel better for coming.”


“The Popdance Fit class is not just great fun, it’s a good workout to great music too. Mandy knows just how to push you to the limits in a fun way”



And one of my participants emailed me later in the week with some more thoughts she had about Popdance Fit and why she likes dance classes:


“Because it makes me feel good!”


In our hectic lifestyles that we lead these days, it’s an opportunity to have fun in a relaxed environment with some good tunes burning off calories and getting fit all rolled into one!


“I’m too old for nightclubbing so this is a means of keeping stress levels down and feeling good about myself and gives me a break from my lovely children”


“I don’t get out much and I think mums lose their identity a bit and it’s quite isolating to stay at home so it’s good to do something for me and get out and meet new people. I love dancing although I’m not very good at it and it’s good for boosting self-confidence and being able to laugh at oneself particularly when you do a turn and end up facing everybody else as I’ve gone the wrong way!”


Amanda Knight, Popdance Fit WokinghamI always try to make all my classes as much fun as I can and I think reading these comments shows that this is something I achieve and it encourages people to return and continue exercising but also makes them feel good about themselves and gives them a little bit of “me time”. I love my job and seeing people’s smiling faces, having a laugh and generally having fun plus reading comments like the above makes it so worthwhile.


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