PRESS RELEASE – Dance Fitness Programme

Why Popdance Fit are getting thousands of people into the groove





There’s nothing better than a good old 80s classic pop track to get you in the mood for dancing! From Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, to the latest Uptown Funk, Popdance Fit promises to be fun and fitness all the way!


“It’s Saturday Night Fever, on a Wednesday Night” say regular Popdancers.


“I don’t think of it as exercise – I just love it”


Popdance Fit classes get adults of all shapes, sizes and abilities active, toning up, losing weight, having fun and dancing to their favourite pop tracks from the 80s, 90s and 00s.


Simple to follow moves, to tracks that make you beam and with warm, friendly and passionate teachers Popdance Fit classes make it easy for everyone to join in and feel welcome.


“I always wanted to dance”, says Chief Legwarmer Wearer, Sue Wybrow, who created Popdance in 2009, “and working with amazing dance teachers and fitness instructors, we’ve created Popdance Fit – a faster, dance-based workout class that makes me feel like I am 10 again!  Farewell tiredness, farewell bingo wings, Popdance Fit is about that – getting fit the fun way – and boy do we have fun!”.

Popdance Fit officially launches on 26th April with instructor training sessions across the UK – Instructors may also qualify for funding via EMD Academy’s Bursary.


Instructors gain 16 REPs points.

Popdance currently run dance classes, parties and events for adults, kids, tots across the UK, Azerbaijan and USA and shortly launches in Beirut, Cambodia and Thailand.

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