If you are a Popdance registered dance school or dance teacher, we’ll send workshops and parties your way!

When a customer books a Popdance party or workshop, we speak to our nearest partner or registered dance school or dance teacher to fulfil the booking. 

If that’s you (woohoo!), we book you to run the party and provide all the choreography as well as the detailed party/workshop format needed for that booking. You get paid on average £30 per hour depending on the project. And any of your team can deliver the party.

Plus, as a registered dance teacher or school, you get to be a part of the Facebook Popdance community of dance teachers and schools, all there to help and support each other in all genres of dance and we will ensure we promote your area with an area specific page on our website to drive more bookings!

Simply complete the form below if you would like to be contacted for Popdance parties and workshops in your area – wherever you are in the world.