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Feel Good 30 Day Challenge

Take the #FeelGood30DayChallenge!!

Whether you want to be more active, lose weight, tone up or simply get healthier, or just feel better – we will be sharing one simple thing you can do each day that will help you to feel fantastic!

Are you in?

Join us on instagram here or join in the fun starting from Day 1 below

Let us know how you get on

Day 1 – How To Measure

Day 2 – How To Up The Activity Slightly

Day 3 – Why Get Up Earlier?

Day 4 – Why Drink More Water?

Day 5 – How To Cut Some Alcohol!

Day 6 – Which Apps Work?

Day 7 – Who’s Crazy!

Day 8 – Wanna Know How To Feel Amazing Today?

Day 9 – Wanna Know How To Feel Amazing This Instant?!!!

Day 10 – This WILL ensure you reach your goal!

Day 11 – This will definitely help your mindset!

Day 12 – Here’s a great way to learn and unwind

Day 13 – We all need one of these!

Day 14 – Tips and Help every single month! How do you get them?

Day 15 – What does Peppa Pig have to do with feeling amazing? Check it out in today’s Feel Good Challenge

Day 16 – Ferris Bueller to the rescue!

Day 17 – How do you stay positive when you are not feeling great?

Day 18 – Recognise your pals

Day 19 – When you are feeling pants on the inside, you don’t have to feel pants on the outside!

Day 20 – How to make someones day!

Day 21 – Wanna try something new?

Day 22 – Spend time with your loved ones!

Day 23 – Do you have voices inside your head?

Day 24 – Breathe!

Day 25 – It’s Never Too Late

Day 26 – Here’s a surefire way to feel good!

Day 27 – Keep On Going

Day 28 – What Did You Set Out To Achieve?

Day 29 – Look At Things From A Different Perspective

Day 30 – You Did It!!!! Let’s reflect!



We’d love to know how you got on or are getting on with the #FeelGood30DayChallenge – email us at or dm us on instagram

And, add us to your favourites, so you don’t miss out on lots more exciting feel good factors coming your way!

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Comic Relief 2022

Let’s get dancing for Comic Relief

Grab your legwarmers and join us on Friday 18th March at 6.30pm online and take part in a fun Popdance Fit dance routine to Bruno Mar’s Uptown Funk!

No dance experience required, get your family, friends, work colleagues, brownies, cubs, guides, scouts, groups, schools, nans, grandads, you get the picture

Simply complete the form below to get the zoom invite and donate what you can via our Just Giving Comic Relief page.

Look out for your local dance teachers running sessions with the routine if you want a bit of practice beforehand

If you are a dance teacher or dance school and would like to get involved prior and on the night, simply complete the form below

Let’s do this!

Step 1: Get Friday 18th March – 6.30-7.00pm in your diary

Step 2: Register via the form below to get the zoom invite

Step 3: Donate what you can to Comic Relief (every little helps, so just donate what you can afford)

Step 4: Contact your nearest dance teacher to take part in a class prior to the event, or to ask them to get involved (not essential)

Step 5: Get your legwarmers ready!

Step 6: Join the zoom live session and let’s do the simple Popdance Fit choreography for Bruno Mar’s Uptown Funk together – bringing dance teachers, dance schools, participants, friends, family, colleagues, together to raise much needed funds for Comic Relief

Last year we smashed over £1,000 – let’s go even higher this year!

Calling all dance teachers, dance schools and fitness instructors – get involved, tag us on social @popdanceworld and we will share your tweets, posts, videos – so it’s great publicity for your businesses too! Win/Win!


Donate what you can to Comic Relief Here

Here’s the routine we will be doing – have a practise at home and come and join us live on the 18th March

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Meet The Teachers – Helen Rogers – Streatham, London

Meet The Teacher – Helen Clark, Streatham, London

Hi everyone, my name is Helen Clark aka Helen Rogers in my other life as a singer/ songwriter.  I live and work in Streatham, South West London. I currently offer:- Popdance Fit- Aerobics- Stretch and Relaxation classes I’ve always had a passion for dance.  As a child I devoured books about Ballet and had lessons from age 4.  From age 13 to 19 I was lucky enough to attend the Italia Conti Academy studying Dance, Drama and Singing.  I did Modern Jazz, Tap and Ballet and did my ISTD/ RAD exams up to Gold medal level in Tap and Ballet.  I was also very fortunate to train with the renowned Expressive Mime artist Adam Darius ( who worked with the wonderful Kate Bush) both at Italia Conti and at his own studios. On leaving Italia Conti, the Funk band I sang lead vocals with, Direct Drive, secured a deal with Polydor records so my life took a turn into the music business where I have worked for the past 30 plus years, including co- writing and recording 5 albums with Paul Hardcastle called the Jazzmasters Series.  I also teach singing to individuals or groups, professionals or those who simply love to sing! My love of dance has never gone away, however, so I qualified as an Exercise to Music instructor! In my spare time I am usually to be found at the Gym doing classes in Weight training, Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, African Dance.  I love listening to music and I am a passionate Vegan cook who loves healthy eating!  Streatham is a really wonderful place, historically it has been home to many show business artists because of it’s easy access to London’s West End We are a vibrant and diverse community with lots of different places to eat, meet friends for coffee, work out or just relax. I think the Jewel in our crown is the beautiful Streatham Common which  has a very rich history of it’s own and was a sanctuary for us during lockdown…a picturesque haven where parents took their children to let off steam, friends could meet and we could do our workouts  …I even worked out in the snow there one day!! I love working in Streatham I love the vibe and the people.  I love the whole idea of music and fun leading to people becoming fitter.  We all need to make sure we get enough exercise and Popdance Fit is a great way to achieve this!  Although they are fun classes, the structure of Popdance is very professional and ensures that students get the very best workouts possible. For the year ahead  I am very excited about extending my Popdance Fit classes, meeting lovely new students and teachers in 2022!

Book one of Helens Classes

Find your nearest class

Work with us

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Meet The Teacher – Yulia Yallar

Meet The Dance Teachers – Yulia Yallar

We love getting to know more about our amazing dance teachers – we caught up with Yulia Yallar who runs Popdance parties and workshops in Hinckley, a small town between Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry:


My name is Yulia Yallar I live in Hinckley, small town between Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry☺

I`m a professional Belly Dance teacher and performer. I do regular face to face classes, Online classes and workshops for different dance levels. Before pandemic I used to travel a lot teaching bellydance workshops in different countries. Because of my various dance background I do Hen parties for different dance styles and Kids Birthday parties. 

I have Bachelor degree in Rhythmics and Dance and Master degree in Community Dance leadership

I particularly enjoy creating wedding dance classes as it feels that im part of a big celebration and cloud of love☺ 

I currently offer:

  • BellyDance classes Online and Face to face
  • Wedding dance classes (any style)
  • Hen Dance Parties ( any style)
  • Kids Dance Birthday parties (any style)
  • BellyDance workshops

I decided to do dance because of beauty of Belly dance or how we call it Raks Sharki. I absolutely loved it femininity, change of character and empowerment. And of course music☺ Being a Ballroom dancer that couldn’t find a partner for a long time but still wantedto dance in sparkly dancewear, bellydance was an absolute hit.

As a self employed dance teacher I don’t have much free time☺ Work, family (I have a husband and a 5 years old son) sleep and dreaming about travel like I did before pandemic☺

I recently moved to Hinckley from Essex, so haven’t explored the area much. But what I an absolute hit is the location between 3 big cities Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester. Everything is within a reach which is crucial for a dance teacher

I started to work with Popdance as I wanted to be out there and become a part of bigger dance world community.

I really look forward to get more people into dancing. It is a myth that dance is only for kids, we, adults, also need to stay connected with our inner child. Dance (especially bellydance) has lots of positive therapeutic effects on our life, posture, self care, emotions. It is time to care about yourself and dance is one of the cheapest ways.”

Book a Popdance party or workshop with Yulia here

Are you a dance teacher? Find out more about working with us here

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Meet the Teachers – Alexandros Beshonges

Meet the Dance Teacher – Alexandros Beshonges

Alexandros covers the London / East Croydon areas

“I can offer a vast variety of workshops. From Jazz (musical theatre, African, Lyrical, Modern, Commercial), Contemporary, Latin, Wedding Dances, Flamenco, Bollywood, Greek Dancing, Cypriot Dancing and more! 

When I was 4 I told my parents I want to ‘do that thing I watch on TV’.

I have a first class BA (hons) in Musical Theatre with a dissertation in Choreography, a level 6 trinity diploma in Professional Musical Theatre, a Modern DDE Teaching qualification, a Laine Theatre Arts Distinction Diploma and a Level 6 NC in Acting and Theatre Performance. I love fusing contrasting dance styles together, especially when working with big group dances and duets! 

Alexandros is currently playing Pepper in ‘Mamma Mia!’ the West End Musical! And Alexandros loves to simultaneously work with Popdance!

Get in touch to book Alexandros for your Popdance party or workshop

Find out more about working with us here

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