Scheduling Over The Holidays

Easter Dance CampsSo the Easter Bunny has arrived, bringing us choccies, hot cross buns and family gatherings.  So are you going to be taking a well earned break during the festivities?

We find that scheduling gives us the chance to hang up our legwarmers when we need to and give us a bit of chill out time.

By planning our tweets, facebook posts and other social media, using Hootsuite, this ensures that we are still communicating with the world whilst we see how many mini eggs we can catch in our mouths from a short distance ;)

By using Boomerang, to schedule our emails and mailchimp to schedule our marketing tips for dance teachers, we can be off with the kids at the Easter Egg hunt knowing that it’s “business as amazingly usual” for Popdance.

So what are you waiting for? Get scheduling and then sit back and relax or practise your bunny hop!