Social Media Management for Dance Teachers

Social media management for dance teachers


Do you get involved in social media as a Dance Teacher?

Do you find that it takes up tons of your time?

Do you wonder whether it is worth the time that you spend on it?

Do you feel that social media is a chore?

Social media is AMAZING for Dance Teachers and it needn’t be a chore!

Social media plays an extremely important role in the growth of our business as well as the day to day running of it.

Social media has allowed us to reach people that we would never have been able to reach before.  To engage in conversations with the companies and people that we want to work with.  To build a relationship which opens many doors for us.  People are far more receptive to your emails and ideas if you already have a relationship with them.

This article is not about why you should use social media – we’ve written many articles about this and will continue to write more – however, this article is about social media management and how to make it easy to be consistent and beneficial to you.

Here’s our top tips on social media management:

1. Schedule your posts and tweets

Spend 10 minutes first thing in the morning and programme your day.  If you are teaching, or out at meetings or on holiday, then programme further ahead to ensure you are “visible” even when “you” are not ;)  You can schedule ahead in most social media platforms.


2. Ensure a good mix of messages

social media management for dance teachersDon’t just shout out “sales” messages – it’s the old “imagine your are networking in a room of actual, real people”, make conversation, be interested in other people and be interesting.

We find a mix of interaction and conversations with others, a couple of posts about what we are up to and how it benefits people, a couple of interesting posts about subjects that relate to what we do, and even a couple of posts that give something of our personality – so that people can relate to you and get a feel for the personality of the business/you/classes you offer – these work really well.

We post on average 2 posts of facebook a day and roughly 8 tweets per day.


3. Don’t try and do everything at once

Get really good with each social media platform instead of trying to have a go at them all at once.

We’ve focussed on twitter and facebook and are now looking at Pinterest and Instagram – find out works well for you as a business and get stuck in.


4. Talk to people

Who do you want to talk to?  What do you want to gain from social media?  We wanted to engage with dance teachers, leisure centres, schools, holiday parks, activity providers – and social media gave us the tools to do this.

Check out your ideal client or ideal corporate partner, find them on twitter and start a conversation!  Who knows where it will lead! It’s led us to many fantastic opportunities.


5. Map out your social media plan

Social media management for dance teachersWhat do you want to achieve?  When are you going to post/tweet?  What do you want to say?

We store our tweets and posts on a google spreadsheet – it then gives us ready made things to say that we can simply schedule.  We add to this spreadsheet when we see interesting articles, links and when we are feeling creative – this makes it much easier to map where we are going and what we have to share ;)




6. Make yourself useful

Share ideas, put people in contact with each other, how can you be of benefit to your followers/likes?  Why should they follow and like you?  Be interesting, useful and fun :)


We could go on and on – however, in summary:

Enjoy it, don’t be a slave to it, don’t get lost in social media and forget everything else you have to do – once you’ve scheduled your posts and tweets, come out of twitter/facebook/instagram etc and only go in a couple of times a day to check – otherwise you will find you get distracted – stay focussed and let us know how you get on.


We value all feedback – let us know what you thought of this article and whether you act on any of the tips – we love to hear from you


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