Social Networking for Dance Teachers

How to make the most of Social Networking

social networking for dance teachers

We are on many social networks as well as attend networking and business events – so how does people’s behaviour on and at these networks make a difference to our businesses?

Do people that link dump in facebook groups annoy you?

When people blatantly advertise their services and don’t show an interest in anybody else – is that rude?

Here’s some tips that we’ve found work well on how to make the most of social networking and face to face networking for dance teachers:

social networking for dance teachers1. Introduce yourself

As mentioned above, there are tons of people who just link dump, or just shout about themselves. We’ve even met people in the flesh like that at networking events, where they’ve given you their business card before they’ve even said hello! It feels uncomfortable doesn’t it?

So how about introducing yourself?  In facebook groups, you could perhaps put something like this: “Hi, my name is Sue and I run an international dance business called Popdance.  I’ve joined this group as I would like to meet other businesses in the dance world and share ideas and look at joint marketing opportunities. We write a blog called “Marketing Tips for Dance Teachers” each week – if you fancy getting a copy, just let me know – it’s totally free! I would love to know what you all do too”.

social networking for dance teachers2. Listen

Listen to others – can you join in the conversations?  Can you add value to them?  You don’t want to be seen as the “know-all” who thinks they know everything, but it’s amazing to be able to add value to conversations and you will also benefit from learning from other people.  We all can’t be good at everything!  And we all don’t know everything!  We’ve learned so much from listening to people, as well as our customers.

Social networking for dance teachers3. Ask Questions

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.  Even if you think you should know the answer! Asking questions gets conversations going – things like “what do you struggle with most when running your dance classes”, “what apps do you find useful as a dance teacher”, “what software do you use when editing your video footage?” – anything!  It’s a great ice-breaker and relationship builder.  Human nature makes people want to help – it’s satisfying and gets people together.

Social networking for dance teachers4. Share

People ask us why we give away our marketing tips for dance teachers each week.  Why are we sharing our secrets with what may be our competition?  Well, we don’t see it that way. We see it as adding value to what we offer. Readers of our marketing tips may possibly never ever be a customer of ours, but we hope that we are building a relationship with them, that they get to know, trust and like us, and that when the time comes, when someone says to them, “do you know anyone who can run a dance party for us in Manchester”, and they are not based there and cannot offer that service themselves, they may well recommend us! ;)  Plus, our readers share their tips and comments with us too – we don’t have all the answers, but we have found that by working together, as a group we do!

social networking for dance teachers5. Give us something to look at!

On facebook, linked in, pinterest, twitter – all of them, and even when you are meeting people in the flesh – give them something to look at – something visual.  Our Popdance magnets have been amazing to leave with people that we meet – and they’ve gone worldwide with our “where’s your Popdance magnet” fun we had – take a look HERE – and on posts or tweets, an image to accompany what you are saying ensures the reader is on the same page as you with even just a glance.


These are just a few suggestions – let us know if you try any of them out, or you do them already, or any top tips that you have that you would like to share – please email [email protected] – we would love to hear from you