Strike ‘A’ Pose


We are massive supporters of Alzheimer’s Society alzheimer's society

We want you to get involved!



Arlene Phillips Strikes A Pose for Alzheimer's Society



We are working together with the fabulous Arlene Phillips to get as many people to Strike “A” Pose as possible

It can be a simple “A” with your hands – as shown here by Arlene



strikeapose for Alzheimers Society




Or you can form an “A” with your body – as shown here by the lovely Rachel and Christine


Or you can create an “A” in any way you see fit – i.e. if you are a baker, you could bake a loaf in the shape of an “A” – or with Nail Varnishes like Eve and Adam’s Boutique Spa


If you have a shop – why not take a photo outside pointing at an “A” in the signage

Or why not get your brownie/cub group to form an A out of all the members?


Let’s get creative and have some fun!


Simply “StrikeAPose” in a photo

Share on facebook/twitter with #StrikeAPose

Donate £3 to Alzheimer’s Society by Texting “DMYS99 £3” to 70070

Nominate 3 other people to do the same

It’s a great way to promote your business/shop/club/event and for an amazing cause – our favourites will feature on the StrikeAPose page and on our facebook and twitter pages




AND, for every donation received, there’s a chance to win a fabulous prize!

This month you can win a copy of Toula Mavriodou-Messer’s amazing new books – Mortal End and Pocketful of Poesies – we have 5 copies of each book to give away – take a look HERE for full details


Mortal End Pocketfulofpoesies