Popdance enables you to make a fantastic living doing what you love – dancing!



Because over the last 10 years, Popdance has grown incredibly rapidly and we have huge demand for our classes, parties, workshops and events across the globe!




How does it work?

You need to be a dance teacher or fitness instructor to apply to be a Popdance Teacher.


We provide a trusted, professional and trademarked brand – established in January 2009

We provide endless choreography

We provide the format of Popdance classes, parties and workshops


All at just £20 per month! Get your Popdance Licence HERE Today


And that’s not all……

We give you information on how to promote what you do

We give you marketing tips

We give you templates you can use when taking bookings from customers


All for just £20 per month!


And that’s still not all……


We provide a team of experienced dance teachers and a team of experienced marketeers to help you

We provide paying customers!

We provide you with a webpage

We provide you with a platform to choreograph and get paid for it

You name it, we’ve got it – all to help you to make a fantastic living with Popdance.


And it’s just £20 per month


AND you can also promote any other dance or fitness classes, parties or workshops that you offer! So whether you are also a yoga teacher, or you run ballroom classes, or you teach aerobics, or you run your own dance school – you can promote your classes, parties and events on your Popdance webpage and we will promote them to our wide social media audiences and database!


So what happens when you teach Popdance?

Once you’ve subscribed to get your Popdance Teaching License, we set up your Popdance webpage which will detail what you want to offer, whether that’s parties, workshops, classes etc. and the areas that you are happy to cover, what you want to charge and we then share that webpage to our wide social media audience as well as to our large database of customers waiting to Popdance


Customers can then book directly with you via your webpage.


We will also contact you with any bookings that come to us at Head Office that are in the areas that you cover. You will be able to work directly with the customer, hence charging the right rate for your area, and taking that booking directly – enabling you to make more money!


You can teach Popdance absolutely anywhere in the world!


All for just £20 per month! Get your Popdance Licence HERE Today


Teach Popdance Today and make a fantastic living doing what you love!