Here’s a few of the questions we get asked from dance teachers:

I would really like to just be paid to deliver Popdance jobs – can I do that?

Yes, we have lots of paid work opportunities across the UK and globe where we need experienced dance teachers to deliver Popdance.  By becoming part of the team, you will learn how Popdance works, be able to view all of the choreography and receive a Popdance T-shirt so that you are immediately ready for paid work opportunities from us where we pay approx. £20 to £50 per hour depending on the project.

Dance Teachers - jobs and opportunities

I have limited time to teach and cannot commit to weekly classes, what can Popdance offer me?

We have all sorts of Popdance jobs available – from birthday parties, one-off workshops, breakfast clubs, PE time, corporate events, after school clubs, within nurseries, school holiday clubs, working with customers of all ages and abilities at all sorts of times in the day – so can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  And, with pay being on average £20-£50 per hour, even if you simply delivered one birthday party for us a month, you would make £600!

I run my own dance school, is Popdance something that I could include in my timetable?

Absolutely!  Popdance will not only bring something new to your school, but you will also benefit from all the marketing, web, pr and social media that we do, which will also boost the other classes that you offer.

Dance Teachers - jobs and opportunities

I run my own successful classes – what do I need Popdance for?

Instead of having to choreograph every routine yourself, you have access to an ever-expanding portfolio of routines and warm ups.  Plus, you can get involved in choreographing for Popdance and get paid for it!  We pay up to £35 per routine!  And, Popdance markets your classes for you whilst you sleep – let us do the hard work of being found on google, tweeting and marketing – so you can do what you love best – dancing!

I work for a dance company, would they be able to pay for my Popdance Licence?

Yes, it is not a problem for someone else to pay on your behalf, as long as they let us know that the licence will be in your name then that is not a problem.

I am completely new to running my own dance classes – are you able to help me get started?

Yes.  The Popdance Online Programme (POP) which you have 24 hours a day access to, outlines everything you need to do.  From finding a suitable venue, to how to find your customers, we’ve covered everything you could possibly need to know and, we are at the other end of the phone if you would like to speak to us personally.

Dance Teachers - jobs and opportunities

So can I run my own Popdance parties and classes?

If you become a Premium Member, absolutely YES.  As a Premium Member, you can run your own Popdance classes, parties and events.  So if you advertise that you run Popdance parties and customers book them with you, you can charge your own fees and deal with customers directly.

You can take a look at what we charge for our parties as a guideline, but you can cost your parties as you wish to.  You can also take Popdance into nurseries, schools, leisure centres etc. and there are videos and downloads on POP to help you – as well as staff in the office to chat through this with you too.

I am worried that I will not make enough money to cover my £20 a month payment – can you help me at all?

Yes.  We are here to help.  We can speak with you about the kind of work that you want and we will then work with you to create paid work opportunities for you.  We are here to help you to run successful and profitable Popdance classes, parties and events.

What makes Popdance different from other dance programmes?

Not only is Popdance unique in what we offer – simply dance routines to pop music for people that want to have fun, get active and let their hair down, no exams, no pressure to get the steps right, etc, but we are also a totally personable, human company.  We are extremely hands on with the running of Popdance and always at the end of the phone if you need us.

How do I know if I am going to Like Popdance?

Why not become a Standard Member first and see how it all works – take a look HERE

I would love to join the Popdance Team – so what happens now?

Fantastic!  If you haven’t already done so, email a copy of your cv to [email protected] – it doesn’t have to be war and peace – simply tell us about your dance teaching qualifications and experience.

Meanwhile, become a Popdance Member HERE

If you become a Premium Member, you will then be sent a copy of our Popdance Licence Agreement which outlines everything we promise to do for you in terms of providing all of the above, and what is expected of you in return, i.e. professionalism whilst working under the Popdance brand.  This is sent in a digital format which can be signed online.Dance Teachers - jobs and opportunities

You will be sent access codes to POP (Popdance Online Programme) and the Popdance Teacher Manaual which explains everything you need to get started and gives you access to all of the choreography and lesson plans.

We will also request a copy of your PLI certificate (Public Liability Insurance) and, if you would like to work with children, a copy of your DBS number – if you don’t have these, not a problem – we can help you to get these.  You will receive a Popdance T-shirt or vest and a copy of your Popdance Teacher Licence in the post so that you are ready to get started as well as to be offered paid work opportunities.

If you become a Standard Member you will receive access codes to POP (The Popdance Online Programme) where you can view the teacher sessions in action.  You will also receive a Popdance T-shirt or vest (whichever you have requested) and will be ready for paid work in your area.

Here’s what some of our Popdance Teachers have to say about us:

“Working with Popdance has given me the opportunity to work around my other commitments.  I work full time but my passion is dance – Popdance enables me to do what I love in the short space of time that I have” – Paula Tenwick, Leicester

Dance Teachers - jobs and opportunities

“Being a part time working mum myself, running Popdance classes is a great way to have fun and earn money doing what I love and it fits around my busy family”, Emma Tate, Dubai

“The feedback from my classes has been brilliant!  I have just handed in my notice at my job to focus on Popdance and set up more classes and clubs”

– Denise Grant, Hampshire

“Hello from the USA – we are looking forward to beginning our journey with Popdance – so excited to be part of the Popdance Family” – Tammy Worthington, Oregon, USA

Here’s what some of our Popdancers have to say about us:

“Popdance is Saturday Night Fever on a Wednesday night”

“Popdance is the best thing I have ever done!  Lianne’s class is a lovely relaxed atmosphere – there is laughter every week and the songs make me just want to dance”

Dance Teachers jobs and opportunities

“I really enjoy Popdance – it’s what I’ve been looking for for ages – you’ve made me so happy”

“Loved it last week – can’t wait til Thursday – 3 more sleeps”