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Get access to POP (Popdance Online Programme) where you can view the Popdance, Popdance Fit, Popdance Kids and Popdance Tots Training videos so that you are ready when we contact you with paid work (find out more about POP HERE)

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Get access to endless choreography – we film 3 times a year so you have all the latest and classics to Popdance to

Get paid to choreograph for us – we welcome choreography from our Premium Members – we currently pay £35 for a main routine

Get tips on marketing and social media – or sit back and relax knowing we are doing that all for you

Get a support group around you – people to share ideas with, to cover you when you are ill, to be there taking bookings for you whilst you teach

Get help with paperwork such as DBS, PLI, Risk Assessments, Child Protection Policies and funding applications

Feature your Popdance classes, parties and events on the main Popdance website and benefit from our search engine optimisation, social media, marketing and PR

Run events with other Popdance Teachers and be a valued member of an amazing team


It’s just £25 per month to become a Popdance Premium Member – that’s it! You can cancel at any time (just give us 1 month’s notice).


Be a valued member of an amazing team!



Whether you want to run:

dance classes in East Sussex


Teen classes, (aged 11-18)

Adult classes (18+)

Over 50’s classes – based on learning dance routines over 4-5 weeks

Birthday parties, hen parties, wedding dances, events



 Dance classes for children in East Sussex

Popdance Kids: classes, parties and events (aged 5-11 years) – learning fun dance warm ups, choreography section and a main routine




Popdance for all the family





dance classes for toddlers in East Sussex

Popdance Tots: classes, parties and events for children aged 2-4 years, fun warm ups and descriptive section






Popdance Active & Able: working with Popdance Kids choreography tailored to different abilities and any special requirements





And Popdance Fit – the newest edition to the Popdance Brand – PopdaDance fitness classesnce Fit classes for teens and adults and can be taken into many leisure centres. REPS accredited with 16 points if you attend a Popdance Fit training session


Popdance choreography has been choreographed by professional dance teachers and approved by ISTD trained teachers to ensure it is of the highest standard.


Here’s some of the things we get up to: