Popdance Teacher Web Page Request Form



Complete the form below with details for your very own Popdance webpage.


The “A Bit About Me” section is a great opportunity to tell customers about what you offer and a bit about you – take a look at Rachel’s page as an example.


If you are unsure as to what to charge – give us a shout and we can try to help you.  Where there are more than one Popdance Teacher in a county, we will discuss pricing with you all to ensure that your prices are the same to avoid any conflicts.  As you know, Popdance is all about working together, so we will put you in touch so you can cover each other if you are ill, or if you want to do joint marketing together etc.


We will be adding your pages and changing the website over the next couple of weeks so that customers can start to book directly with you all.  We are here to help and will be adding “how to” and “help” videos and information to POP to show you how we do things that may help you :)


If you have any queries, give us a shout at 03332 026264 or email us at [email protected]


We can help you to make a very good living with Popdance :)


Exciting times ahead!