dance eventsTwo heads are better than one as they say ;) And they most definitely are.

As talked about in previous blogs, we cannot be fabulous at everything ;)

We all have different skill sets and we all have 24 hours in a day!

Working as a team enables us to provide quality, professionalism and a fantastic service to our customers.

So – how do you create that perfect team?

As we run many parties, classes and events across the globe, we work hard to form relationships with amazing dance teachers and fitness instructors. Without these amazing dance teacher and fitness instructors, we wouldn’t be able to function properly.

So, how do we find these amazing dance teachers and fitness instructors?

BECOME-A-TEACHERWe’ve built our team over the last 6 years in a variety of ways:

Good old word of mouth

Inviting dance teachers who visit our website to leave their details with us for paid work opportunities

Being active on social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, intagram, linked in and more recently, Periscope

Joining in discussions in dance teacher groups on facebook and google +

Speaking at dance events such as IDTA and Move It

Posting jobs on Star Now, Dancers Pro and London Dance

Posting jobs on facebook

Starting our own facebook group for dancers

Working with companies such as EMDP, Womens’ Sport Network, DTOL

Getting great press coverage in local, national and glossies

Writing blogs that are beneficial to dance teachers

Holding Open Days and Auditions so that dance teachers can come and meet us, take part in a variety of our classes and hear about the opportunities for them with Popdance (our next one is on Sunday 27th Sept in London)

And, most importantly of all, we VALUE our team. Each and every one is a valued member of the Popdance Team and we work hard to make them feel valued, to help and support them and to involve them in the business too. We hope that our teachers feel they can come to us with any queries, ask for help, and also with their opinions and ideas on how we can improve too.

Our team is what makes Popdance the business it is today!

Is it time to grow your team? Become part of a team? Or take the time to thank your team?

We’d love to know if you found this blog useful – get in touch with us to let us know or if you would like to find out more about becoming part of our valued team – then email us at [email protected] or find out more HERE