Let’s get dancing!

Our good friend, Peter Lovatt, aka Dr Dance, is getting the world dancing with The Dr Dance Happy Dance!

Having spent several months writing his new book “The Dance Cure – the surprising secret to being smarter, stronger and happier”, he wanted to see it come alive. He wanted his book to dance!

The book is about how dancing transforms people. It’s about how dancing brings us together, how it changes the way we think and how it releases us emotionally.

Peter describes how different styles of dance can change the way you feel.

The Dr Dance Happy Dance shows that dancing is for everyone, all ages and abilities. And that you can dance anywhere – which is really apt in these currently very strange times.

So, turn the volume up, grab your family, and take part in The Dr Dance Happy Dance!

Find out more about Peter, his work and his new book via his website www.peterlovatt.com