Written by Lianne Cloot-Holt

support for dance teachersDancing has many physical benefits but what many people don’t realize is the social aspect of a dance class, for both adults and children.

For very young children, coming to dance class is their first social interaction with others, learning to share and make friends. I teach children who have been friends since they were toddlers after meeting at a pre school dance class and groups of friends who met at their first dance class such as nursery ballet or begginers tap. Popdance Tots is a great example of this.

Older children who meet at dance class get the opportunity to mix with a different circle of friends outside their school group. For children who find school hard, dance class can be somewhere they meet like minded people with shared interests. Dance encourages working together as well as solo performance, allowing children to connect and share ideas through movement, creating strong bonds.

For adults, dance class is an opportunity to get away from a busy household, a mobile phone or your emails. To have an hour to yourself, quality ‘me’ time is something so important if you’re a busy mum and dance class can give you just that. It’s somewhere to switch off and meet new people, whilst listening to music and getting fit, releasing those all important endorphins and getting the feel good factor! My adult Popdance class started 6 years ago and the ladies who attend are now firm friends, meeting for dinners and parties, as well as coffee after class each week!


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