Dance Businesses – Is It Time To Look At Your Website?

support for dance teachersNow that the festivities are over and we head into a year of classes, parties and events – it’s also really important to take a look at our websites.

Your website is one of the best tools to running a successful business and is often how customers find you. First impressions count!

And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a fantastic website too!


Check out our top tips on what to look for when checking out your website:


Do all the links work?

It’s so frustrating when you go to a website and hit a link and it either doesn’t work or takes you to an “error” page – it reflects badly on the company and leaves customers frustrated

Is it easy to navigate around?

Websites are changing all the time – not only do many sites have a top nav, but they also feature icons, boxes and buttons on the home page to enable viewers to see quickly and easily where they want to go

Does it get over quickly and easily what it is you offer?

Does it look professional? Is your brand strong? Does your website give over the feel you want it to, i.e. friendly, approachable, fun?

Can your customers book and pay online?

More and more customers expect to be able to book and pay online – and are prepared to pay upfront – which is fantastic for our business. Knowing who has booked on and taking payment before term or classes start ensure we run successful and profitable classes and it’s easy to organise – paypal have easy to set up payment buttons which you can embed in your website (don’t forget that paypal do take on average 3% so make sure you add this into your costs when pricing)

Is it easy to get in touch with you?

People still want that reassurance and personal touch – so make it easy for them to email or phone you

Do you value your customers opinions?

Make it easy for customers to tell you how you are doing – have a “we’d love to hear from you” page, or invite them to join you on your social media networks

Do you need to add or tweak any information?

Is anything dated on your site? Old events, services you no longer offer? New services that you offer – what can you add/tweak/change to improve your site

Do you feature plenty of images?

A picture paints a thousand words they say – and they also help with search engines. Adding relevant keywords to images does make a difference to being found on google plus people like to see images of what you are offering – videos work wonders and are pretty simple to make via software such as imovie

Are you blogging?

We used to wonder why so many people blogged, but now we are hooked – sharing your knowledge and expertise on what you are passionate about enables you to have lots to share on social media and your site – again helping with being google friendly – why not ask your customers to guest blog about their experiences with dance and how it makes them feel?

There are soooooo many things you can do – but we know everyone is busy running their businesses too, but even if you took one of these points at a time – it all makes a difference.

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