10 Top Tips to Succeed as a Dance Teacher

top 10 tips on how to succeed as a dance teacher

Do you ever feel that you are doing everything?

That you have so many different “hats” to wear as a dance teacher?

That you are the dancer, the marketeer, the mail guy, IT, etc etc.?

Here’s our Top 10 Tips for success as a dance teacher:

1. Communicate regularly with your customers

Mailchimp monthly newsletters, twitter, facebook, email – how else will your customers know what you have on offer (do they know you offer those T-shirts you have in the box under your desk?)

2.  Remain Professional at ALL times

On twitter, facebook and wherever you are in communication with your customers and potential customers.  No-one likes to see someone’s dirty washing being hung out to dry and people respect you for dealing with situations in a calm and professional manner.

3.  Get Active on Social Media

It really does work!  We would recommend you definitely tweet and facebook – Pinterest is also valuable but twitter and facebook we would say are amazing for our business!  Use Hootsuite to make managing your social media even easier.

4.  Plan

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming with all the things you have to do, however, if you plan your week in blocks, this often helps.  Try making all your phone calls during set times, working on your website on a set day each week, planning your classes on a set day each week – this then gets you into a routine and your brain focussed on one thing at a time.

5.  Make the most of free systems

There are so many free systems that we can tap into these days – but it can be overwhelming as to which ones to use.  We love Canva and imagechef for helping us to add images to our blogs, website and communications. And, we love quozio for creating our own quotes.  Mailchimp is also amazing for emails and newsletters.

6.  Make it easy for your customers to pay you!

Yep, pay you!  Because even though we LOVE what we do, we all still need to make a living!  So, how easy is it for your customers to transfer or physically pay you money to attend your classes, parties and events?  Paypal is simple to set up and implement with your website and there are many other systems you can use such as Eventbrite (look out for their fees though).  We are just setting up a new booking system on our website that will help with reporting, registers and reminders – will report back at some stage!

7.  Ensure you have some “me” time!

We are all human at the end of the day – and we need to have some “time out” – now I love business, so taking time out is hard for me as I love to read articles, look at apps, systems etc. but the dance class that I attend (which happens to be Popdance ;), gives me a perfect time for “me”, no phones, no facebook, no emails, no demands – just dance!  Find your “me” time and enjoy it – don’t feel guilty.  A happy you is a more productive you!

8.  Make time for your family/social life

There are only 24 hours in the day and we all squeeze as much as we can into them.  But remember that at the end of the day, spending quality time with the family is important.  Schedule your time so that you can switch off and concentrate on your friends/family/spouse.  How about “date” night? ;)

9.  Make sure your online presence represents you well

Don’t have a website that looks shabby, or is full of broken links, or has old information on it.  It’s your most amazing business tool that you can have and it’s simple to create/keep up to date a professional, easy to navigate, informative site.  Totally recommend wordpress – and it should not cost you much money AT ALL to have one.  Don’t be fooled by lots of web people who say it costs hundreds of pounds – it doesn’t!

10.  Do what you do best!

Let your passion for dance come across to your customers.  Your creativeness, energy, zest for dance makes a massive difference to your customers and make them feel amazing when they attend your classes, workshops and parties.

11.  Oops sneaked an extra one in here!

Above all else let your personality come across and enjoy it!

 Happy Popdancing!

We would love to hear your top tips too – email us at [email protected]!

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