Our Top Ten Apps for Dance Teachers


How lucky are we that we have so much simply at our finger tips?

Most of us wouldn’t be able to work as we do without the internet, our phones and all the technology that is available so easily to us AND for FREE!

Here’s our Top Ten Apps that we think are a must for Dance Teachers everywhere:


first aid - tips for dance teachers

 St John Ambulance First Aid app

This is an amazing app – all the latest first aid advice and protocols for dealing with emergency situations.  Everyone should have it.  FREE to download HERE or via the AppStore



top apps for dance teachers


Amazing tool for data capture and communicating with customers and potential customers.  Mailchimp is free up to a certain number – fantastic for newsletters, offers and events – take a look at mailchimp.com and download the free app in the AppStore


top apps for dance teachers

Good old Facebook

Even though people are saying that facebook is “for old people” ;), we love it.  Keep in touch with customers on the go, see what they are up to, keep up to date with what’s going on, and a simple, easy way to keep your customers and potential customers completely up to date.




We are huge fans of feedly.  This amazing app compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources – tailor what you are interested in reading and see it all in one place.  Great for using in social media, as ideas for blogs, and for sharing.  feedly.com


top apps for dance teachersitorch

This little fella has saved our lives on many occasions.  To finding that party bag at the back of the cupboard, to see the keyhole once the streetlights have gone out – amazing power on this thing – download HERE – it’s FREE!


top apps for dance teachers


A picture paints a thousand words as they say ;)  Pinterest lets you pin and like on the go.  Create boards on the bus, and quotes on the go – amazing for research, ideas and things to share – pinterest.com


top apps for dance teachers


This is a must have app for managing your social media.  Hootsuite’s fantastic dashboard enables you to view what’s going on easily and manage various social media platforms in one place – take a look HERE


top apps for dance teachers


An obvious one for a Dance Teacher but hey, everyone now and then we need to state the obvious.

How amazing is itunes?  Say no more ;)


top apps for dance teachers


Another great social media manager app – we love Buffer as it enables us to schedule tweets and posts on the go too – Bufferapp.com


top apps for dance teachers


A fun and quirky way to share photos with your customers in a series of pictures – great place to follow people who inspire too – download from the AppStore HERE


Top apps for dance teachers


Drop anything into dropbox, such as photos, documents, videos, files and they will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and on the dropbox website.  Amazing tool for file transfer – you can share with other team members or family too – download the FREE app HERE


These are just a few of our favourite apps – we hope you find them useful too.

We would love to hear what apps you can’t live without – feel free to share them with us via our Facebook page, Twitter or email us at [email protected]