Check out our Top Ten of the Most Iconic Dances of All Time

There have certainly been a few but here are our favourites:

1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Who doesn’t know the classic moves to this amazing track?  Have you done the zombie stomp?

Check out the “Frozen” version here ;)

2. Irene Cara’s “What A Feeling”

Such a fabulous finish to a film!  Amazing what you can do with a bucket of water.  Rumours are that a variety of dancers were used in the making of the video, including a chap!  And what a chap, Robert Webb, who put the original to shame for Comic Relief!

3. Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”

How amazing is this routine?  We just had to show the original here. Christopher Walken started out as a dancer, taking lessons as a child.


4. Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

Come on!  We’ve all done it!  In front of the mirror – hop to the left, hop to the right twice, hop to the left – and pretend you are lassooing!  Go on, we dare you!

Here is Psy showing you how to do it!


5. PJ & Duncan or rather Ant & Dec’s “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble”

Absolutely love this routine.  We’ve done it at Popdance – it’s pretty tricky and pretty fast!  Have a go at the windmills ;)

5. Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

What an outfit!  Forget the iconic moves ;)  Although the choreography is fantastic too!

Here’s Arabella Weir showing us how it’s done for Comic Relief:

6. Madonna’s “Vogue”

Absolutely LOVED this routine when we were growing up in the 80s – not sure we quite got it right, but we certainly had a go ;)

Here’s the gal herself:

7. Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”

Absolutely love this one!  And who better to do the routine than the fabulous Liza Minnelli?

8. Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose”

OMG!  Did you see Kevin Bacon put his dancing shoes back on recently?

9. Madness’s “One Step Beyond”

Iconic, iconic, iconic – Madness had the moves – check out this guy – love, love, love it!

10. Christina Aguilera – CandyMan!

This one is perfect for VE day celebrations!

We hope you have enjoyed our Top Ten Most Iconic Dances of all Time – we would love to know yours – email us at [email protected]

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