Do you ever sit there wondering what to tweet?  You know that twitter isn’t about sales and that you need to build relationships and talk about things that aren’t just dance related – but what to tweet?  How can you come up with new, interesting and witty things to say?

Introducing the TweetStore – A place to bank your tweets.

When you come up with good ideas, or see things on websites that you find interesting, then bank them!   You might feel particularly inspired after a dance class for instance, so why not write down how it made you feel – here’s one of ours:

How dancing makes me feel

You might see something on facebook or the internet that makes you smile, yet still relates to what you do – like this great story here –

This is what life is all about :) https://lnkd.in/dA3Taq2

And, why not get followers promoting your business for you?  We often run a “Where’s your Popdance magnet?” competition, where people take their Popdance magnet on holiday, or take a photo of their magnet in situ, and they post a photograph of it and followers try and guess where it is.

Whoever guesses first, wins a Popdance magnet of their very own and can then join in with the fun.  It’s a fantastic, fun and very cost effective way of promoting Popdance and people love it.

Guess where this Popdance magnet is and you could win one of your very own and join in the fun:

 Eden Project - lets Dance

Tweet your answer to @popdanceuk using #wheresyourpdmagnet

Gradually build up your tweetstore so that you can then schedule your tweets in advance – so you will never have to sit there wondering what to tweet again.  Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the tweets in the Popdance Bank:

Twitter for Dance Teachers

Homework: Set up your own tweetstore and why not make things really interesting by encouraging followers to promote your business too?  Let us know how you get on.

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