Video Killed the Radio Star

Last week we wrote about how a picture paints a thousand words – so what does video do?

Kills radio stars apparently ;)

But seriously, would you rather press play on a video than read through tons of text?

Everyone is different, we know, but tons of people watch tv right? Tons of people read books too, but video gives us the tools to connect with people in lots of different ways such as:

– through visuals

– through audio

– we connect with the person speaking

– we get to see some of their personality

– we meet who we could be working/dancing with

And video is sooooooo simple to use, sooooooo accessible to us all and if we have a phone that has video facility (which most do) – it’s totally and utterly FREE!

You don’t have to spend hours on editing, you don’t have to pay tons of money to get a company to do it for you – yes, we want to remain professional, yes we would love for Elstree and Daniel Craig to be involved but it’s not essential.

Get your messages out there – if you keep putting it off, no-one is getting it!  Go for it!

Here’s one we made earlier (just 5 mins before we wrote this post).


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