What do you think? Why feedback is great for your business

dance eventsIn the early days of Popdance, we were scared to ask people what they thought.

What if they hated it?

What if they said horrible things about us?

What if it started complaints?

Wasn’t it better to keep our heads down and plough on?

how to say no without offending people

Nobody is perfect, so you are not going to get things right 100% of the time.

And nobody can please all of the people all of the time ;) – not sure who said that famous quote?

Mistakes are going to be made.

Complaints will be given.

But then, so will lovely comments.

People gushing about your business and what you do.

Social networking for dance teachers

But do you know what?


Feedback is one of the best things you can ever ask for.

Isn’t it better for people to tell you whether they have an issue?

Isn’t it amazing that you can then actually do something about that issue, rectify it and turn that customer completely around to then become an advocate for your business?

Someone who then tells people how amazing your customer service was and that you actually bothered to speak with them and put things right? That goes a long, long way!

Most people want to help.  And when you ask them for their opinion and feedback, it makes them feel special.  Like they matter to you. Like you actually care about what they think and the service they got from you.

So, next time you run a class, party or event, email your customers and ask them for their feedback. We usually say something like “we value all feedback, it’s how we learn, grow and make Popdance the best experience we can”.

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