We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Popdance Area Manager – so what happens now?


Let us know what postcodes you are interested in managing.

Popdance HQ check availability of those areas and let you know availability

Once you have selected your area, you start your monthly subscription.  If you want additional areas, then the same fee applies (just £50 per month per area).

Popdance HQ then send you a copy of the Popdance Area Manager Licence Agreement outlining what to expect from us and what we expect in return, such as code of conduct, use of our brand etc.

We then set up your Popdance email address

And your Popdance webpage

We give you access to the Popdance Teacher Website where you can access all the choreography, resources, downloads and watch the “Getting Started” videos

Invite you to join the Popdance Area Manager facebook group where you can chat with other Area Managers, and us at head office, and share ideas, ask questions and help and support each other

Once you’ve had a good look around the Popdance Teacher website, we then set up a phone call with our marketing team to see what you would like to get started with and how we can help you

We can email all contacts on our database that are in your area to let them know you are launching Popdance, plus we will spread the word on social media

We are always on hand to help, so any questions you have, you can email us, tweet us, post to us. You can even get additional marketing support via the POPShop!

Your success is our success and we want our team to be successful and happy – whether that’s:

  • making more money

  • having more time

  • building a future

  • getting the freedom you want

we are here to help and support you.


Email [email protected] with the postcode areas you are interested in managing