What’s Your Focus?

BinocularsIf you are anything like me, you get distracted by lots of things.  Facebook, emails, interesting articles, information from “experts”, juggling with kids… you get the picture.

So how do you stay focussed?

Do you have a focus?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, you can’t do everything!

So, what are you going to focus on?  To really focus on?  To take just two things and make sure you do them really well and that they not only make you happy but also make you a profit?

We get bogged down with the day to day running of our businesses, classes, parties and events and sometimes don’t stop to look up and see what we are actually doing.

Running here, there and everywhere, trying to please everyone and not stopping for breath.

But is it pleasing you?

It’s time to stop!

And do you know what?  You will feel sooooooooo much better focusing on a couple of things that you can do really well and make money from!  We’ve all got bills to pay – so let’s be able to pay them, doing what we love :)

So, going forward, our two main focus for the upcoming New Year and the remainder of 2015 are:

• Find more amazing dance teachers and fitness instructors to work with as we have the demand from clients

• Market more Popdance Kids birthday parties in the areas where our premium members are.

That’s it!



Fun too!

That doesn’t mean to say that we won’t be working on other projects – ones that land on our laps – what it does mean is that we will drive these two things forward and actively work to achieve our goals.

So – what’s your focus?

What can you focus on that will make you happy and make you profitable?

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Have a fantastic week!