Working With Other Dance Teachers and Networking

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The world of dance has always been a crazy one.  We hear of competitiveness not only in competitions but also in villages and towns, and have even heard of fisty cuffs between teachers over “their patch” ;)

The world is a big place – and certainly big enough for lots of dancing!

There is such a variety of dance on offer too that it makes sense to work together rather than against each other.

And, it is so much easier now to get to know your neighbouring dance schools.  The internet gives us information at our fingertips and also an insight into the personalities of dance companies, making them more “human” rather than “that dance school over there”.

With facebook and twitter, we get to see the people behind the business as well as what that business offers.

With respect for each others services, we find that working together and helping each other really does work.

The amazing teachers that we work with at Popdance are often running their own classes too, not just Popdance, things like ballet, tap, street, zumba, and it works really well as we help them to market these classes for them too.

A retweet here, a facebook post there – a recommendation to customers who are looking for that particular service….

And, with respect for their fellow Popdance Teachers, our teachers consider where to open their classes and on what particular days so as to give the customer the best choice possible, i.e. open on the other side of town and on a different day to the existing class.  Joint market, become cover teachers for each other, run events together – it keeps costs down, maximises publicity and gives you peace of mind if you are ill or on holiday that your classes can still be covered.

And with facebook groups such as:

Dance Teacher Jobs

Dance Teachers Community

Dance Teacher Forum

Popdance Teachers

And Google + Communities such as:


Dance Teachers Tips

Exercise and Healthy Living

as well as Linked In Interests such as:

Dance Teachers

Dance Teachers/Studio Owners

Dance Industry Professionals Worldwide

and websites such as:

Dancers Pro

Star Now


It makes it easy to connect with other Dance Teachers.

And why not join EMDP (Exercise Music and Dance Partnership) – they have some amazing bursaries available to teachers – take a look HERE

– why not apply for a bursary to do the Popdance Fit Training which is launching soon?

Networking and chatting with other dance teachers across the globe is simple, easy and really really interesting!  Share your concerns, successes, tips with others – it’s amazing what you get back!

Take a look at some of the suggested groups and definitely join the Dance Teachers Community group HERE we would LOVE to hear from you.