OMG! How did that happen? 10 incredible years of working with amazing dance teachers!

What started as a simple dance class for people like me, has turned into a hugely successful, international dance business!

Giving Dance Teachers a platform to showcase what they offer as well as being able to bring them additional revenue with Popdance is working extremely well.

Having worked with dance teachers over the past 10 years, we have learned sooooooo much! We know that they all have a real passion for what they do! That really goes without saying, but we also know that teachers really value support. It’s not easy running a dance business. So being part of a team, being able to ask questions to your peers, having each others backs, promoting their businesses, providing additional income for them and being a central source for them to tap in to really makes a difference.

We also know that some dance teachers want to simply be paid to turn up and teach. They want the admin and marketing part of it done for them and they simply run the class, party or workshop. Whilst other dance teachers are more than happy to liaise with the customer directly.

We know that some teachers want an “add on” to what they do already, whilst others want to make Popdance their career.

We also know that some teachers want to take some time out, to spend a bit more time with their families, or some have been injured, so can no longer teach themselves all the time. Popdance enables you to have a team, so that you can still generate a great revenue but not have to deliver it all yourself!

So, over the last 10 years, we have worked with thousands of dance teachers – all across the world. From here in the UK, to Oregon and Florida in the USA, to Azerbaijan, to Greece, to Cyprus to Spain.

We promoted their dance classes, their ballet, their tap, their ballroom, their zumba, their FitSteps, and we’ve brought them additional revenue with Popdance parties, workshops and classes.

So, what next for 2020?

Well, we want to get YOUR dance business on the Popdance map! We want to help and support dance teachers to promote what they do as well as give them that additional income with Popdance.

We want to be able to connect our customers directly with our dance teachers – so that you can charge the right rates for your area (wherever you are in the world), where you can chat local venues, where you can meet those customers exact requirements.

All with our help and support!

Getting your dance business on the Popdance map WILL put you in front of a wide, active and ready made engaged audience who are looking to dance! And, it will bring you additional revenue.

2020 is THE year for your business! Book in a chat with us, or speak to any of our Popdance Teachers to find out more, see how Popdance has made a difference to their lives. Some of our Popdance Teachers are in the facebook group Dance Teachers World – join the group for all sorts of tips, help and support for your dance business.


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