Meet The Dance Teachers - Yulia Yallar

We love getting to know more about our amazing dance teachers – we caught up with Yulia Yallar who runs Popdance parties and workshops in Hinckley, a small town between Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry:


My name is Yulia Yallar I live in Hinckley, small town between Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry☺

I`m a professional Belly Dance teacher and performer. I do regular face to face classes, Online classes and workshops for different dance levels. Before pandemic I used to travel a lot teaching bellydance workshops in different countries. Because of my various dance background I do Hen parties for different dance styles and Kids Birthday parties. 

I have Bachelor degree in Rhythmics and Dance and Master degree in Community Dance leadership

I particularly enjoy creating wedding dance classes as it feels that im part of a big celebration and cloud of love☺ 

I currently offer:

  • BellyDance classes Online and Face to face
  • Wedding dance classes (any style)
  • Hen Dance Parties ( any style)
  • Kids Dance Birthday parties (any style)
  • BellyDance workshops

I decided to do dance because of beauty of Belly dance or how we call it Raks Sharki. I absolutely loved it femininity, change of character and empowerment. And of course music☺ Being a Ballroom dancer that couldn’t find a partner for a long time but still wantedto dance in sparkly dancewear, bellydance was an absolute hit.

As a self employed dance teacher I don’t have much free time☺ Work, family (I have a husband and a 5 years old son) sleep and dreaming about travel like I did before pandemic☺

I recently moved to Hinckley from Essex, so haven’t explored the area much. But what I an absolute hit is the location between 3 big cities Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester. Everything is within a reach which is crucial for a dance teacher

I started to work with Popdance as I wanted to be out there and become a part of bigger dance world community.

I really look forward to get more people into dancing. It is a myth that dance is only for kids, we, adults, also need to stay connected with our inner child. Dance (especially bellydance) has lots of positive therapeutic effects on our life, posture, self care, emotions. It is time to care about yourself and dance is one of the cheapest ways.”