10 Reasons You Will Want To Work With Popdance 


1 You want to have more time to have a life! To be able to pick and choose the jobs you want, and work with a team who can work with you and you still make money! How fab is that

2 You are an experienced dance teacher who has been there, done that – and now is the time to work with others to help you create your dance business – whether that be a totally new thing for you, or in addition to your current dance business.

3 You are passionate about dance but could do with help on the marketing front.

4 You have drive and ambition and care about your customers and want to give them the best customer service ever.

5 You are prepared to put the work in to build something amazing!

6 You want help with the paperwork side, with things like risk assessments, child protection policies and health and safety.

7 You want to choreograph and get paid for it, or you simply want access to endless choreography at your fingertips so you can tailor your classes and offer endless choice for parties

8 You want to share your experiences and learn from others – what’s worked for them, what is everyone marketing at the moment, should I run school holiday camps – talking to other dance teachers is invaluable.

9 You want piece of mind, trust, support and to be part of a professional, driven and ambitious team that are going to take their dance teachers and dance schools with them, value them and build a great relationship with them.

10 You want to be part of a team that works hard to give you a fantastic return on your investment! A company that doesn’t just take your money, but works hard to ensure you make money doing what you love!

Does this sound like you? Get in touch with Sue at [email protected] to find out more about how we can help and support your dance business or find out more here