How Dancing Made A Huge Difference To Me

“Such strange times! How easy to settle into inertia during the pandemic with jobs on hold, social interaction withheld, exercise sessions cancelled. We have all settled into a parallel universe of abnormal normality and our mental well-being has been hammered.

PopdanceFit 15 minute sessions has provided a perfect antidote to this.

With a fabulous selection of 15 videos led by 7 brilliant instructors, this offers flexibility and convenience as well as a brilliant sense of fun.

Each time I log on, I choose a different session, each with a personality of its own. I love engaging with the instructors, bouncing around my personal space and humming to the tunes as well as keeping fit with the easy-to-follow routines.

They energise and encourage positivity and at the end of the 15 minutes I want to yell out a huge THANK YOU.

During the darkest of times, PopdanceFit has injected rays of sunshine into each day. 

Thank you, PopdanceFit and thank you to the fabulous instructors.”

Elaine Pinkus