How It All Began.....

I wanted to go to dance classes. I had no dance experience and wanted to get active after having my two children and fancied learning dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s and 00s. I’d always fancied being the backing dancer for Kylie Minogue ;)

I trawled the internet looking for something suitable for a 38 year old mum with two left feet and found nothing. I didn’t want to be the frumpy one at the back of a class full of 16 year olds, I didn’t want to jump up and down at an aerobic class – I wanted to go back to my youth and learn some simple dance routines to music that I loved.

So, having found nothingSue Wybrow to suit me, I worked with amazing dance teachers and created Popdance! With my marketing background, business skills and a strong determination for the kind of class that I wanted, Popdance grew from strength to strength.

With our very first class appearing in St Albans in 2009, we now have classes across the UK and THE WORLD with more “popping” up all the time.

Due to demand, we launched Popdance Kids in 2010, with Popdance Tots following in January 2013 with Popdance Fit launching in 2015! Next came Popdance Seniors for the overs 50s!

We work with thousands of dance teachers across the globe – helping them to promote their own dance businesses, as well as bringing them Popdance.

You can find Popdance within lots of dance schools, leisure centres, schools, nurseries, community centres, in activity camps, hotels, corporate events, at brownies, cubs, at weddings, hen parties and partying everywhere – come and join us!

If you can’t yet find Popdance in your area, get in touch and let us know!

If you are a dance teacher and would like to find out more about working with us – then get in touch or click here for more info.

We hope you have as much fun Popdancing as we do!

Sue Wybrow – Chief Legwarmer Wearer – Popdance World