Are We Too Early?  Never!

Dance classes, parties and eventsWhere did summer go?  So now as Autumn beckons our thoughts turn to the festivities that will be upon us before we know it!  Yes, don’t shoot us down for mentioning the “C” word, but Christmas is galloping towards us fast.  And, with it, Halloween.

So are you prepared?



Check out our top tips on ideas for making the most of the upcoming celebrations and how to ensure you run successful AND profitable classes, parties and events:



Halloween dance campThink about what events, parties, classes you would like to run – what suits your timetable, what will you find fun and what do you think will work well for your customers



Introduce Halloween and Christmas routines to your regular classes and create an excitement and buzz about the themes.


Approach local schools and leisure centres and offer to run Halloween and Christmas workshops for them – we’ve run many charity ThrillerAThons in our time – they are not only great fun but they support great causes, AND get you in front of a large audience to promote what you do.  Leisure Centres and Schools are also generally prepared to pay you to come in and deliver fun and exciting workshops.  Makes great PR too!



Metro 24.10.13



halloweenRun Halloween and Christmas camps – this could be for an hour, a morning, or a camp covering the school day – they work especially well in the school holidays and can give busy parents time to catch up with work and Christmas shopping ;)

Run Halloween and Christmas parties – again, this could be for a couple of hours, giving parents time to get things done (promoting time for Christmas shopping works really well), they drop the kids in with you for a spooky or festive fun time!

Speak to local brownies, guides, cubs and scouts about dance workshops – they are often looking for fun activities to do – plus dance can go towards many badges such as the entertainment badge – we usually charge an hourly rate to deliver workshops with them – Halloween and Christmas are very popular ones! Who doesn’t want to do a zombie routine to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? ;)



Chat with local nursery schools too – again workshops are welcomed especially at this time of year – it’s great to get these booked in now – getting in there early shows professionalism and gives the nursery time to plan everything in.



XmsPDKActvSht ACreate exciting yet simple artwork for your Halloween and Christmas events and get this all over facebook, twitter, out to your database, emailed to local schools, nurseries, leisure centres – spread the word!

Get a real buzz going – a countdown to the event/classes – “just 7 more days until we unleash our killer Halloween routines” etc.







love to dance

Do your numbers!  Sometimes we can all get carried away with the excitement of dressing up for Halloween and preparing for Christmas but don’t forget that you have to make a living (and you want a really good one), too!  Do your numbers?  How much is the venue costing you?  How much would you like to earn?  How much are the Halloween bags you are giving away (if you are!), What do you think is a fair price to charge? How many children do you need?  You know what to do!






dance eventsHow about joining forces?  Why not partner with a local football club, or perhaps a softplay centre? Joint marketing is amazing!





Get marketing now!

Plan what you are going to do!

Tell everyone and ask them to tell everyone!

Prepare your best zombie stomp ever!

Did you enjoy these tips? We value all feedback, so let us know if you found these useful at all AND we would love to hear from you – your tips, or what you get up to, or what you find works for you – give us a shout at [email protected]


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