Buy Dance Choreography

It could be choreography to the latest pop track

Or it could be a good old classic from the 80s

If you are looking for fun, easy to learn & teach dance choreography to pop music from all eras, then this is for you

From Wham and Madonna, to Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars

From Disney classics such as Frozen & Encanto

We’ve got 13 years of choreography for you to choose from

From warm ups, to full routines, from fun descriptive for the kids, to dance fitness choreo – it’s all there for you to choose from

There’s also Halloween and Christmas themes!

Whether you need choreography just for a short while, or whether you want endless choreography at your fingertips on an ongoing basis

Buy the service that suits your needs

Get 4 routines FREE so you can see if it’s right for you – for Adults, for Fitness, for weddings and hen parties, for Kids and also, with Disco Inferno for kids, showing how the children can work in pairs or in groups. 

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You can use the choreography how you see fit, whether it’s choreography as part of your own classes, workshops, parties, shows or events.

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