Why Get A Popdance Licence?

Make £215 in two hours from 1 party!

Make £75/hour for workshops!

Get support for ALL aspects of dance & fitness you offer – not just Popdance!

Be part of a supportive team!

Tons of ready-made choreography to choose from!

Get paid to choreograph!

A Popdance Licence gives you:

Access to all of the brands – Popdance, Popdance Fit, Popdance Kids, Popdance Tots, Popdance Seniors, Popdance Teens. Including the Halloween, Christmas and Fit for the New Year packs!

Endless choreography – choose from endless, easy-to-teach choreography plus get paid to choreograph for the Popdance Vault!

Make More Money – Customers book directly with you – so you can charge the right rate for your area.

Make, on average, £215 for a Popdance party and £75 per hour for Popdance workshops depending on where you are in the world

Web page – We will promote everything that you teach – whether that’s yoga, ballet, tap, you name it – plus Popdance of course – giving you even more exposure in your area

Resources – Get access to tons of social media images, templates, flyers, booking forms, information sheets and activity sheets you can use quickly and easily

Private Facebook Community – Chat with us, with marketeers, business peeps and other dance teachers to get help, support, motivation and inspiration for your dance business

Get access to EVERYTHING for just £30/month or save £60 with the annual option at £300!

Run just two Popdance parties in the WHOLE YEAR and you’d have made your money back and more so!