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Why I became a Popdance Area Manager – Lianne Holt


After having my first baby almost 2 years ago I found balancing my work and family life incredibly hard. I still loved my job, had a passion for dance and teaching, but felt I was missing out on my little girl and her growing up. I wanted more time at home, but still had a mortgage to pay and a career I didn’t want to give up.

I was already working for Popdance, doing parties, classes and heading up the choreography when Popdance area managers were talked about it.

It was perfect for me, I knew the industry so well I could continue to book parties and run classes, but pay someone else to take these jobs for me.

I was still taking a wage and involved in a business that I loved, but able to do it from my home and spend more time with my little girl. I had full support from Popdance HQ who talked me through the business side of things and gave me the tools I needed.
My husband and I are planning to expand our family and I’m so glad I found this role as I know it’s something I can continue to do and build around my family life.


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