communication is keyHow Often Do You Communicate With Your Customers?


Every term?



When you remember?


Here’s our top ten tips on keeping in regular communication with your customers:


communication is key1. Set a date in your diary at least once a month to email all of your customers and potential customers

Whether it be via a “newsletter” containing useful and beneficial information for them, i.e. why dance is amazing for your body and mind, or it could be on offers and events you have coming up and how they benefit the customer, and perhaps a free taster session to any new classes you are running

Keep to that date and start making it a regular thing.



facebook St Albans Businesses2. Post regularly and interact on facebook

Again, useful tips, information, offers, events, mixed with a bit of fun, inspirational quotes, photos and also ask questions – get your audience involved in your facebook page.




get stuck into twitter3. Get stuck into twitter

It really does work – it can seem daunting, but it’s a fascinating world and a real insight into what people are saying about our industry as well as our businesses.



Post regularly

4. Add more to your emails

Do you have communications included in your emails?  Not just in the body text of what you are sending but as part of your email signature – what else could you add in there – we have all our social media icons so that people can communicate with us in this way – perhaps you could do the same (wisestamp is a fab free email signature platform), or add in a tagline saying something like “Our show is on 28th August – book tickets now and put a live link to book on there) etc.


wear branded clothing5. Wear Branded Clothing

Have you thought about communications via clothing? When people see your t-shirts do they know what you do, can they contact you – a tagline works well – we have classes•parties•events – worldwide on our t-shirts, so that customers can see more about what we offer.


Data capture6. Capture Data

Are you capturing data of visitors to your website? Do you have a sign up button?  What do customers get if they sign up to your “list”?  We offer our customers tips, offers, events, news and information on being active, healthy living for them and their families, fun info about pop stars and dance, and interact with our customers, i.e. as simple as a post like “Wham or Duran Duran?”  We love Mailchimp by the way – free email software up to a certain number on your “lists”.


how was your popdance party7.  Ask for feedback

Do you ever ask for feedback?  Feedback is great – never be afraid of it as it’s fantastic for learning, understanding and tweaking your business.  Obviously you can’t please everyone all of the time, but it’s fascinating to know what people really do think.  People love to be asked for their opinion – the fact that you have asked for their opinion makes them feel valued.  We like SurveyMonkey for a fab free way to ask up to 10 questions – very easy to do.


support for dance teachers8.  Communicate regularly through your website

How often do you change/update/feature what you are up to on your actual website?  Do you change your home page?  Do you add pages?  Do you blog?

Writing useful tips, explaining the benefits of what you do and sharing these with your customers and potential customers not only helps with SEO on your site but also gives your customers a reason to keep returning to your website.


Communication is key9.  Add your message to your car

How often do you find yourself reading “ads” on cars, vans and lorries – and how often do you struggle to know what they are actually offering you.  From a simple car sticker, to putting a few magnets on your car (we have Popdance magnets that we leave on our vehicles, one says “please take one” and people can help themselves – we also use them as part of our “Where’s Your Popdance Magnet” fun on our facebook group), right through to a fully branded car – make sure your message is simple and there’s a call to action, such as your web address – it’s no good having a twitter logo, without your twitter address (we see that soooo many times), but remember not to put too much info on there.


support for dance teachers10. Network

Meet people, build relationships, help others, get stuck in – word of mouth is the best form of communication for our businesses – so amongst this modern, digital world, let’s not forget to meet face to face, pick up the phone or even skype – we are all humans afterall!



Did you find these tips useful?  We would love to hear your views, feedback and your ideas and tips too – email us at [email protected]



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communication is key