The Benefits of Continuing Professional Development

3CPD is something that is supported by many large professional bodies such as the ISTD and EMDP, offering various courses under CPD.

CPD can increase your confidence and credibility and allow you to reflect upon your learning.

As dancers we know how important it is to continue our training in order to keep up to date with the latest syllabus and teaching techniques as well as keeping our minds and ideas fresh.

The world of dance is ever changing with new trends and fads popping up and in order to keep the work coming in we must ensure that we are up to date. With the rise of Zumba and other programmes, dance fitness is something that has really taken off; initially dance teachers were uninterested, shrugging it off as something that aerobics instructors would teach rather than a dance teacher.

However, the popularity of these classes became too appealing and dance teachers realised that by having REPs points and working within gyms and leisure centres it is a great way to increase their work.

Now teaching Popdance Fit, an exciting dance fitness class, dance teachers are able to work for leisure centres as well as opening their own classes, making more money, increasing their skill set, adding another string to their bow off the back of their initial training.

CPD means you can continue to develop yourself as a professional, something that is important for your career and can lead to many opportunities.


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