Dance Teacher or Journalist? Why not both?

How writing can increase your success in dance and fitness


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We’ve all got something to share

Whether you’ve been teaching for 20 or 2 years – we’ve all been through different experiences.

So why don’t you share these?


Sharing your experiences not only enables people to get to know, like and trust you, but it’s also amazing publicity, enabling people to know about you and your business, and it’s fantastic for helping to get found on google!

There are so many things you can do – such as:

– writing blogs for your website

– writing articles for the local paper

– writing for your local family magazine

– writing for the big glossies and national press

– writing for other websites



Social networking for dance teachersSo what do you write about?

Whatever is your passion.

It’s not about selling.

It’s not about giving it the big “I am”.

It’s about sharing experiences, tips, ideas.

What will be of benefit to the reader of that particular blog or article?

For instance, we wrote for our local Raring To Go magazine – it’s aimed at families – we wrote our top tips on what to look for when booking a party.

We didn’t write about Popdance parties

We didn’t necessarily write about dance parties

We wrote what we felt parents should look out for when booking any type of party

Raring 2 Go loved it as it was useful, impartial advice from a professional and reputable company that would make interesting and valuable content for their magazine.

Photographs were sent too which always go down well with editors.  (Make sure you have the rights to use the images you send and that you have permission from any people in the photograph).  We still find that some people think they are able to use images they find on the internet – but that’s really not a good thing to do – people have been stung with heavy fines for doing this).

Here’s our Top Tips on how to get published:

wear branded clothing1. Think about where your ideal customer hangs out – it could be facebook, on websites such as NetMums, things to do with the kids, local newspaper, local family mags, or even the nationals and glossies.



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2. Have a read of some of the articles that those websites or magazines feature already



social networking for dance teachers3.
What kind of article could you write that the editor would find useful and beneficial, i.e. top tips on leading a healthier lifestyle for your family, our top 5 easey peasey things to do to immediately transform your coach potato teens into active teens



Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 15.01.07

4. Do you have any images to accompany your article? If not, can you create something in or similar?




Top tips to beat the January blues5. Find out the correct person to send your article and images to – i.e. the editor, or why not phone the publication and ask who the right person would be



marketing tips for dance teachers6. Send your article and image to the correct person along with a friendly email intro



communication is key7. Follow up your email to see if the editor would like to publish it – it makes a difference if you say that you have written it specifically for their publication – editors like a unique article (obv make sure you don’t then feature it elsewhere)



how to market birthday parties8. Don’t forget that you can send articles to other websites too, including messaging facebook admins on relevant facebook groups – i.e. Things to do with the kids in St Albans – don’t just post in the group – always ask permission or ask the admin if they can post it



support for dance teachers9. Feature articles and tips on your own website too – it all helps with being found on google and is also giving something back to visitors to your site.




10. Why not send out monthly tips or blogs – we send out marketing tips to dance teachers and fitness instructors every single month – if you haven’t yet subscribed to receive these, you can do so HERE

We value all feedback so let us know if you found these tips useful by emailing [email protected]


Get writing! We’d love to know how you get on.

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