Dance Party For Kids

Dance party for kids

So you provide a fantastic dance party for kids?

You have the enthusiasm, the drive, the passion, the dedication!

You’ve done the advertising, the marketing, the social media.

You’ve added the fact that you run an amazing dance party for kids at the bottom of every email that you send out!

You’ve listed your dance party on every possible website – from NetMums to MumsNet ;)

You’ve added a beyoootiful page to your website telling everyone about your amazing parties.




Dance Party for KidsBut have you thought about your keywords?  And not necessarily the most obvious ones?

You may notice that we’ve been using the singular – “Dance Party” and including “Dance Party for Kids” during this post. Having looked at our google analytics, we were able to see some of the search terms that we were being found under – terms such as “Popdance parties”, pop party, dance party for 5 year olds – it’s quite fascinating.

So we decided to focus on the search term “Dance Party for Kids”, so this description is behind the images you see on this page (as that helps with seo), it’s in the title of our post and in the headline of the post.  It’s features a few times throughout the post, but all in context – there’s no point writing “Dance Party for Kids” tons of times, as google will spot you.  It’s also featured in our description – the “meta description” which comes up as the “mini ad” for this page on google.

So we’ve made this page as search engine friendly as we possibly can for this search term – Dance party for kids.

So how many parents will visit this page?

Dance Party for Kids

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