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Our Chief Legwarmer Wearer, Sue Wybrow says: “We understand how worrying it is in this current climate. Having to adapt to new ideas, new ways of doing things, wondering whether to bother with marketing what we do if we can’t deliver it – but we’ve got tons of ideas, support and a fantastic network of dance teachers, all here to help and support you in your dance business.

We want to offer our services for FREE during this period because we know that finances are tight and we know we can help you to make plans and make a great living through dance”.


What we are offering you – all FREE of charge:


Get your dance business on our website

We will set up a FREE page on our website featuring everything you offer – no matter what type of dance or fitness genre


FREE marketing for your dance business

We will promote  your dance business across our social media platforms showcasing everything you offer and helping you with your marketing messages during this strange time


Additional Revenue

We will bring you additional revenue with Popdance parties and workshops  – our parties will make you on average £180 for 2 hours and £65 per hour for our workshops – depending on where you are in the world


Be part of a great team

Help and support for dance teachers across the globe. Share experiences, ideas, techniques, marketing support and business support. Plus lots of ideas of what you can be doing for your business in these strange times.


Simply email [email protected] with a copy of your cv detailing dance quals and experience, pli and dbs (or equivalent for your country) and we will be in touch



We help and support dance teachers across the world by marketing what they offer as well as bringing them additional footfall and revenue with Popdance.
Our usual subscription fee is £25 per month, however, we want to offer our help and support for FREE during these really strange times. Once this period has passed and you then get your first Popdance party on board, then we can sort out a licence fee at just £99 for the whole year (that’s it!). So, if your first Popdance party gets you £180, then you can pay us the licence fee out of that and then all future Popdance parties and workshops are pure profit for you. If you don’t run any Popdance parties or workshops, then you won’t pay us a penny!

To recap:

• We will promote all the dance, fitness and yoga services that you already offer

• Give you a licence to teach all genres of Popdance (so Popdance, Popdance Kids, Popdance Tots, Popdance Teens, Popdance Seniors and Popdance Active and Able) when you get your first Popdance job

• We will bring you paying customers – who can book directly with you (so you can charge the right rates for your area)

• Access to Marketing and Business support
All of which you can implement into your own business

• Access to private Popdance members only facebook group – support and collaboration with other dance teachers


Why take us up on this offer?

We know that it can be tough running a dance business. We’ve been working with incredible dance teachers across the world since 2009 and have learnt a lot about what kind of things really do help! We love working with dance teachers, helping them to build their businesses and to make a fantastic living doing what they love.

The beauty of what we do is all about working together. Having a team behind you, someone who has your back, who is there to support you with all elements of what you do. From finding great dance teachers to join your team, to cover for each other if ill or on holiday, to marketing your dance business, to having a team to discuss things with.

We know that we can help you and your dance business and we know that you can help us by being able to meet demand for Popdance!

So what are you waiting for?

Simply email [email protected]with a copy of your cv detailing dance quals and experience, pli and dbs (or equivalent for your country) and we will be in touch or call 03332 026264


Why are Popdance offering this?

We’ve been running Popdance classes, parties and events all over the globe since 2009!

We have customers asking for our services constantly, and we want to deliver Popdance to everyone who wants it.

We have a growing network of trusted, excellent and fantastic teachers that can deliver amazing Popdance parties and workshops in addition to their other genres. We want to build on this team and be able to deliver Popdance everywhere – all across the World!

Many of our dance teachers run their own dance schools, or work for other dance and fitness businesses and we support those dance teachers in ALL aspects of dance, ballroom, latin, tap, street, zumba, yoga etc.

Working together enables us to build solid relationships and deliver an excellent service to our growing customer base, whilst promoting your dance business AND bringing you additional revenue!



So what do I get again?

– Your own page on our website detailing everything you want us to promote for you – dance, fitness, yoga etc. – all bookings will be made directly with you – we do not take any cut of anything.

– Regular contact and support from Popdance to help you promote Popdance alongside your existing business or commitments

– Access to the large (and growing) Popdance Licenced Teachers and Members facebook group where you’ll get tips, help and support from us, as well as other teachers in the same situation as you, plus the opportunity of further work from our pool of teachers.

– We will promote you and your dance, fitness or yoga business across our social media channels as well as our website

– And – more customers and more money for your dance business – ALL money that you make is YOURS!


Want to get started? Let’s do this

Simply email [email protected] with a copy of your cv detailing dance quals and experience, pli and dbs (or equivalent for your country) and we will be in touch


Or if you want to live-stream Popdance classes, parties or workshops now – you can get your Popdance Licence now and start straight away. We will help you to promote them and any other dance or fitness that you offer!


Meanwhile, if you’d like to start running online Popdance classes straightaway, you can do so with our Popdance Licence which is currently £99 for the whole year! This means you can teach Popdance Tots, Popdance Kids, Popdance Teens, Popdance and Popdance Fit, for adults and seniors. You will need to have PRS or PPL licence, the classes need to be live (not pre-recorded) and you will need to check with your insurance company to make sure you are covered. Plus we will help you promote any other dance or fitness genres that you offer – and bring you additional revenue with Popdance parties and workshops!

You can get the Popdance Licence here



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Got any questions (check out our frequently asked ones here) or simply email [email protected] with a copy of your cv detailing dance quals and experience, pli and dbs (or equivalent for your country) and we will be in touch