How To Get Additional Revenue For Your Dance Business


We love dance! Our customers love dance! So are you telling your customers about all the dance options that are available to them?


For instance – at your dance birthday parties, do you give all the parents a flyer, or Popdance magnet, or your business card and say that if their child enjoyed the party, they can come and have a free Popdance class with you?

Or, all the children that go to your dance classes, do their parents know that you offer dance parties? Have you ever told them?

Or all the children that come to your dance camps – do they know you run parties and classes?


From a simple add on to your email signature – that says “Classes – Parties – Camps”, to mentioning it at the end of a party or camp, to emailing your customers to say “ooh, if you enjoyed the class, you may like to book for the upcoming Popdance Halloween camp” etc – it doesn’t take much to what they call “upsell” to your customers.


We don’t like to think of it as “upselling” because we know that our customers want to know about the other things we offer – hey, they are already interested in what you offer, so why not let them know about all the other options available to them? Simple!


This also includes merchandise – when a customer books their child on to your camp – you may say “ooh Rosy may be interested in getting a Popdance T-shirt”, or when a parent books a block of classes with you how about emailing to say “Would Rosy like a Popdance PE kit bag with that?” and you can either link to them to POPShop when it’s ready, or send them an image of the items available.






And it’s not just the children – adults often like to check out the sportswear and we have some funky Popdance leggings, vests and T-shirts available!

Go on – give it a go and let us know how you get on!




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