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This week’s marketing tips for dance teachers is all about teamwork.

Without our team, Popdance is nothing!

Each of us play a really important role in the creation, running and development of the business.

From starting out as one person with a crazy idea, we are now many – all of which are individuals, with ideas, skills, talents and passion!

We love our team! We value each and every one of them – our Area Managers, our office team, our dance teachers, our tech team – they all make Popdance what it is.


Building, growing and valuing our team is imperative to the success of the business and of any business. We hope that we portray that message by showing our team that we care, from a simple “thank you” email, to being there to help if they need it, to sharing tips and advice, to being interested in how they are getting on, to being at the end of the phone, to sending a “Well Done” postcard – little things make a massive difference to people and how they feel about working with you.

It’s the same for our customers too, we are often commended on our fantastic customer service and communications – from the initial enquiry to “how did your party go” – making people feel valued, special and the fact that you care about their experience with your company go a fantastically long way.

So when was the last time you thanked someone, or told them you “love” them? Go on, try it, we dare you – you will be surprised at the massive difference it makes.


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