Little things do make a difference!


From replying to customers quickly. We cannot tell you the amount of times our customers thank us for our speedy reply and say “wow, that was a quick response!” – it makes them happy, valued and extremely likely to book with us. Plus our Area Managers love it too, as they are often out teaching and cannot reply to emails or phone calls straightaway.



From sending out our party invitations in tissue paper in a postal box with a branded postcard that wishes them a fantastic party! Everyone loves receiving things in the post! And especially if it’s in fab packaging!


To emailing our customers for feedback – the fact that we care about how their party, class or workshop went. We want to know if they had fun, and we work hard to put things right if there were any “unfun” parts to it ;)


To picking up the phone and speaking with people – with our team, with our customers, with our colleagues – we live in a world of e-communication, but the proof it in the pudding that when you actually take the time to pick up the phone and speak to people too, it makes a massive difference.


To sticking to brand guidelines, being consistent with your communications, how you look, how your team look, what fonts you are using, that flyers and emails are all working together with the same look and feel. You wouldn’t catch Coca Cola using a different font or a squashed logo!


To ensuring our website is up to date and active – as well as our social media – no-one wants to visit your twitter feed and see that your last post was in 1842!


It’s the little things that can make a big difference to your dance business and they don’t have to cost a lot, or anything, for you to do those little things.


What “little thing” can you do this weekend to make a difference to your business?


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Have a fantabulous weekend xx