Just Do It

As Nike would say!  But it’s soooooooooo true!



Dance Party for KidsOften we have amazing ideas! Wouldn’t it be good if we did this, ooh you should do that and we think about it and think about it and then think of the all reasons and excuses why we shouldn’t do it and all the things we have to do to get it right and get it going.



But what happened to just “doing it”?



As someone with ants in their pants, I am very impatient.  I often fly by the seat of my pants and pay the consequences later.



But do you know what? I certainly live and learn. Yes, I make mistakes, but I learn from them and move on. But I get things done!



Obviously you need to think things through.  Things such as “is this going to cost me money?”

“Is this realistic?”

“Are people going to want what I am offering?”

“How much work is it going to realistically take?”



And often, until you start to actually do it, you may not know the answers to some of these questions.



So, what have you been dreaming about?  What ideas do you have?

JUST DO IT!  You may just surprise yourself!



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Meanwhile, have a fantastic week