Have you actually set any goals for your dance business?

Are you just taking each day as it comes?

Do you have a plan at all?

Why do you do what you do?

What do you want to achieve from it?


Many people have big dreams.

It could be about owning a Ferrari, a Mulberry handbag or hanging out in the Maldives? Right?

People define success in all sorts of ways – how about you?

Success to me is having time to hang out with my family.

To go to the pub.

To eat out at Wagamamas every now and then.

To have nice holidays.

To be able to go shopping every now and then.

To be mortgage free.

To treat my parents.

The list could go on.


Yes it would be nice to own a Ferrari, but it’s not my dream! Hey, what’s wrong with renting one! ;)


So how do you get what you want?

How do you get what you define as being successful?



Achievable steps!


How much money do you need to get to your goal? That’s if it is a monetary goal.

Or how much money do you need to enable you to have the weekends off to spend with family and friends.


How can you achieve that?


How about if you concentrated on marketing your dance birthday parties? How many of them would you need to be able to give up some of your other work?

What if you got your dance classes into one more school as an after school club? Would that give you the income towards those new shoes you want?

Or, if you started to build a team around you, could you still make an income without having to deliver all the classes and parties yourself?


Think about the kind of work that you enjoy doing?

What you are good at?

What floats your boat?


If you hate birthday parties, what else could you offer instead, or could you build a team to deliver the parties for you (we work with thousands of dance teachers across the globe doing just that – not that we hate birthday parties! ;)

If you are brilliant at the marketing and business side, help other dance teachers by giving them the jobs they love – teaching!


Plan what you need to concentrate on.

How much you need to “sell” and then break it down over the next 4 months – don’t try and do everything at once – even small changes lead to big changes!

Who knows where you could be by Christmas!


1. Grab a pen and paper.

2. Write down what you want to achieve.

3. How you will achieve it.

4. Break it down over the next 4 months into do-able chunks.

5. Go for it!


What will you do to achieve your goals?


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