Popdance began back in 2009, when a gal who worked in marketing and wasn’t from the dance world at all, decided that she wanted to go to dance classes and learn dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s and 00s.

A chance to get fit, have fun and have an hour of “me” time, away from phones, kids and demands of a busy life.

Working with amazing dance teachers, Popdance was born and we launched a class in St Albans with no idea of what the business would become. Due to demand, we launched 4 more classes in various places in the UK and then another 4.

At that time, we did everything, we found the venues, we did the marketing, we found the teachers, we found the customers, we did the registers, we set up the website, we did the social media, the whole caboodle.

We were then asked to run Popdance in various Holiday Parks and they wanted family and kids classes, so we launched Popdance Kids in 2010 – which, due to demand, was then shortly followed by Popdance Tots and most recently Popdance Seniors. From classes, to workshops in brownies, cubs, scouts and guides groups, to parties, to wedding dances, to corporate teambuilding, to after school clubs – people wanted to pop dance!

We soon realised that our teachers knew their areas much better than we did – they knew where the good venues were to hire, where the best areas were to launch, they knew their towns. And, especially when Popdance launched overseas, we knew that our teachers would definitely know their areas, cultures and customer needs much better than we did ;)

We also learned that many of our dance teachers were in different places in their lives – some wanted to simply turn up and teach, some wanted to spend more time with their families yet still wanted to make a great living through dance, some amazing teachers had been injured so couldn’t deliver as many classes or sessions as they wanted to but had tons of experience and knew what it was like as a dance teacher.

So, we chatted with our teachers and realised that it would be amazing to work together even more closely to make Popdance work for all sorts of dance teachers and marketing/business people – hence Area Managers.

Our early stages of running everything ourselves definitely helped in being able to offer this experience and procedures to our team, as we’d already tried, tested, tweaked and changed things so we knew they worked – and we still constantly try, test, tweak and change to ensure we move with the times, listen to customer and teacher feedback and learn from it to make Popdance the best it can possibly be.

We asked teachers who had been working with us for a while as to what they thought of the idea and whether they wanted to test it out – some simply wanted to remain on our books for when paid work came up and some leapt at the opportunity.

Click here to read why Emma Abel became Popdance Area Manager for Newton Stewart

Having Area Managers enables us to work closely with the team to help and support them. They are offered an area which then becomes theirs. They can work alone, build their team, or ask for our support if they have jobs that they cannot do – we are there to help them. They become part of a passionate, driven and caring company that want the best for their team and customers – who strive to provide the best customer service ever and work hard with our team to offer that same superb service.

Being an Area Manager, enables dance teachers to either take that first step into making dance a real business and financial provider for themselves, or whether they are a well established dance business, it brings additional income, support and value. It enables them to work directly with clients, to charge according to their area and to make a fantastic living doing what they love, plus they don’t have to deliver everything themselves, yet still make a great living – result!

The Area Manager position is not for everyone – and we know that – the Area Manager position takes drive, determination and belief – but if you love dance, are willing to throw yourself into it all and value being part of a passionate team – then it could well be for you.

If you think you are Area Manager material – complete the form below:

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If you have already completed the form, and are ready to join the team – simply email [email protected] to check area availability for you