With so many dance classes out there – how do you put a value on what you offer?

You could go with the cheapest option, undercutting the competition, but what message does that portray?

You could bend over backwards to accommodate everyone’s requests, by offering all kinds of dance?

You could run dance classes every single day of the week to ensure you cater for everyone?


But do you really want to do that?



By valuing what you offer,

Marketing it to your “target” market

Believing that what you offer has a true value

And giving fantastic customer service and experience – this stands you out from the crowd.


And charging a fair price for that service is nothing to be ashamed of.

By undervaluing your classes and trying to accommodate everyone, it totally dilutes what you do, and, funnily enough, it affects the mindset of people who will then relate low value to your business and not take what you are offering seriously – not noticing that you offer a fantastic product.


For instance, think how you feel about Apple products and products that do what Apple products do but aren’t Apple products. The packaging, the stores, the staff, the marketing – it’s all high end. Giving the customer a whole different experience to their competitors. And they charge a hi-end price. Which people queue around the block to pay for!


We are not saying to charge a Premium, but what we are saying is that we should truly value our brand, what we offer and how we offer it. And here at Popdance, we are extremely proud of what we offer – not only to our teachers and Area Managers, but to our customers.


We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service, of caring that our customers get the whole Popdance experience and we work hard to give our Area Managers a fantastic return on their investment in the business.


Which is why, after 8 years of running Popdance, we are taking stock and know the true value of our business and what it gives our Area Managers.


So, as of 1st December, the monthly payment for new Area Managers coming on board is £150 per month. Because we know that just one Popdance party will give that Area Manager that return on that investment! And we know that Area Managers have the potential for not only a fantastic business with us, but to create the life they want, whether it be working with a team, or working on their own – it’s a fantastic opportunity.


So, look at what you offer – when was the last time you thought about the value of it and the value it brings to your customers! Worth a think isn’t it?


If you are a Popdance Area Manager, when was the last time you looked at what you are charging for your classes, workshops and parties? Is it time to increase them? Is it time to enhance what you offer? Is it time to go that extra mile in terms of customer service and communications? Give us a shout at [email protected] if you want any help with this.


If you are not yet a Popdance Area Manager and you’d like to find out more about this fantastic opportunity take a look here