Are you a dance teacher or dance school that want to be in control of their own destiny?

Online Popdance classes give you freedom and flexibility!


Now that EMD have launched the new online music licensing, it’s a fantastic opportunity to take Popdance classes, parties and workshops online!

And, as many of our teachers are going back into the studio, it’s a great opportunity to take zoom customers with you.


So how does it all work?


  • Have a look at the Popdance brands to see which classes, parties etc you want to offer (head to the “About” section). i.e. Popdance Fit, Popdance, Popdance Seniors, Popdance Kids, Popdance Teens, Popdance Tots and then have a think about what date and times you want to offer your class.


  • Take a look at the central timetable for classes our teachers are currently offering, and work around the times they are running them. i.e. if someone is running a Popdance Fit class on a Tuesday at 8pm, then best to pick another time so that we can work together rather than against each other. Plus, if you need cover, then you can help each other out with that.


  • Have a think about what you want to charge for your classes – online can often be cheaper than offline as you don’t have the overheads of venue hire. Perhaps have a google as to what other classes are being charged out as in your area. Think about what you want to earn for that hour or 45 min class and how many people you would need in the class to give you that amount. So, if it’s £25 for the hour minimum that you want, and you are charging £4 per class, you would need 7 people per class. You can also have a think about offering a free first class for new Popdancers, and then people pay monthly, or termly or for a set amount of classes. Getting a commitment from participants is great as you then know what money you have coming in and being committed ensures people turn up for class.


  • Add all details of your class to your Popdance webpage, to include the relevant logos (check out the Popdance central dropbox for logos and images you can use), how much it is, and how to book in with you.


  • Let us know you’ve updated your Popdance webpage and that you’d also like your class to be on the central Popdance Online Timetable – email [email protected] and also [email protected] or tag us on facebook


  • We will then promote your class across our social media platforms, our website and in our ecomms to our database.


  • Share the link to your Popdance webpage across your own social media platforms as well as looking at local facebook groups such as Mums groups, fitness groups, health and wellbeing groups etc. and engage with the group rather than just posting a link. If you engage with the group and add even the simplest of sentences to your post, you will find it gets a much better response. So something like “Come and have a try of our brand new Popdance online class, it’s great fun and a fantastic way to get fit and have some well deserved “you” time, learn fun dance routines to pop music that you love” – and you may want to offer a free trial for first time Popdancers. If you want any graphics to help you promote that, simply let us know and we can create them for you.


  • Invite family and friends and ask them to share with their family and friends.


  • Talk about the health and wellbeing benefits of dance – how taking time out of a busy lifestyle and having time for yourself really does make a difference to both body and mind. We’ve got tons of blogs about the benefits of dance.


  • If you have a database, email your contacts to let them know about your online class.



  • Contact us if you need any help or have any questions. The world is your oyster with online classes, so we can promote you worldwide! Let’s do this!


Not yet a Licensed Popdance Teacher? Get your licence today and let’s get started!

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