Where do you want to be by Christmas?

Financially better off?

More time to spend with family and friends?

New Mulberry handbag?


Whatever your goal – have you set a target?

If not, perhaps this weekend is the time to sit and have a think about it.

What do you want to get out of being a Popdance Area Manager?

How are you going to achieve that?



I had a meeting with an old colleague of mine this morning. We worked in marketing together for many years and always vowed we would work together again at some point. And now’s the time.

It’s going to be an interesting journey working together as she is going to take on an Area Manager role as a non dancer. Just as I did when I first started Popdance.

It will also benefit all our AM’s as we go over the videos, downloads, resources and help in POP through fresh eyes and work on enhancing the tools to help you guys get to where you want to be.

But one of the first things we discussed was what she wanted to achieve by Christmas and how we can help her to do that.

For instance, if she wanted to have £3,000 by Christmas Day – how could she achieve this?

Well, focusing on getting just 1 Popdance Kids birthday party a week from now until Christmas would more than achieve this!!! 20 weeks x £150 = £3,000!


Or if she wanted that Mulberry Handbag she’s had her eye on – 7 parties = £1,000!


Setting goals, and achievable goals, makes a massive difference in how you work, plan and go for things. It really does!

Just poodling along with no goals, no plans and no rewards can get distracting, frustrating and depressing – but when you can see that it’s do-able, it’s happening and you are achieving, OMG, you will soar!!!!


So, what are your goals?

How are you going to achieve them?

How can we help you?


Pop them into the Popdance Area Manager Facebook Group here and let’s all work together to help you achieve those goals!!  Ooh and do say hi to Jodie Perkins in the group – she’s the gal I’ve been talking about above.


Have a fantastic weekend!


Sue and The Popdance Team



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